Communication with Teton Photography Group Members

This is just a quick post to help make everyone aware about the vehicles that the Teton Photography Group uses for communication with our members. Obviously, this website is the ‘final answer’ for almost all of the TPG events and activities and links to our members. To enhance the site and provide quick turn around and sharing of information we also have our Google Plus and Facebook sites. These sites must be “joined” by each member in order to receive the updates and notices on your email or your own social media sites. Simply “request to join” and Mike Cavaroc or I will add you to the community.

In addition to these publicly view-able sites, I try to send periodic emails every couple of weeks to address specific needs from the membership or upcoming events that need special awareness.  To protect your privacy and assure that you don’t receive tons of “replies to all,” I send these as BCCs from our gmail account ( Several email services treat BCC messages as spam if the sender (TPG) is not in your Contacts list.  Earthlink is notorious about protecting its members from spam and I regularly get messages bounced back to me by their server. So if you want to receive the member messages be sure to add us to your Contacts and, better yet, send a test message so I can reply directly to you without the BCC.

We are also listing all of our events and programs with our partner, the Art Association of Jackson Hole.  You should find many of our programs on their calendar. Finally, we now have an account with the Jackson Hole News and Guide. All of our public programs will be on their Calendar and we will continue to strive to get additional publicity in the form of an article and daily event posting in both the Daily and the News and Guide.

I hope this helps you find the best and easiest way to receive the information you want about the TPG.  If you have other suggestions that will help us improve our communication with you, please let me know. I hope to see you soon at our next meeting.