Trouble Sleeping at Dead Horse Point State Park

Evaporation ponds from the nearby potash mine resting below sandstone ridges and canyonds. Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

This past Christmas break, I made a nice little escape to the Moab, Utah area for some hiking and photography. With an 8 hour drive ahead of me, I left town as early as I could, racing down to have camp setup before sunset.… Keep reading…

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Five Favorite Images from 2021

It’s been a few years since I’ve done a “best of” post for the year. In past years, I’ve typically picked an image from each month that I enjoyed the most. In recent years though, my productivity in photography has dwindled, not even affording me that kind of selection anymore. This was due to a number of factors that held me back, but I’ve made the effort to reverse this trend beginning in the fall, which is why the five favorites I chose from this past year all from within the last two months.… Keep reading…

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Foliage Reports: September/October 2021

Jackson Hole & Grand Teton National Park

Each year, my email box fills with people wanting me to tell them when “peak foliage” will occur. Traditionally, that happens sometime between September 25 and October 5, but that depends a lot of where you are in the valley. And, each year is different, so it always a matter of averaging several years. The links I am supplying at the top of this page should help you make your own determinations.

Changing Leaf

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& 2020 Foliage Reports

During September, I’ll work on two pages simultaneously. This September Foliage 2021 post will contain more specific information about the ever changing foliage status in the area. The September 2021 Daily Journal for JH and GTNP page will contain some foliage information, but will focus more on wildlife and landscapes. You’ll want to go to both regularly.

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Fall Season Feature Posts

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Foliage Scale 2015

Foliage Scale 2020

 Note: Peak Fall foliage is not a one day event! It evolves over several weeks. Some areas go first, then lose leaves while others are just beginning. You should be able to find colorful foliage anytime from around the 10th of September to the first week in October.

Science of Fall Colors

Click the link above to view an informative page written by the US Forest Service

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September 11, 2020 – Saturday

Sleeping Indian Willows

Sleeping Indian Willows: Many of the willows along the Gros Ventre River are nearing peak, but there are other zones a bit behind. This photo was taken September 10, 2021.

Schwabacher Landing

Schwabacher Landing: Taken September 10,2021. The cottonwoods along the Snake River have patchy areas of yellow. Willows and the ground cover are turning. Note the relatively clear skies on Friday. Haze and smoke can fill in on any day this year. Be patient and persistent, and you may hit a great morning.

Gros Ventre Willows

Gros Ventre Willows:

Mountain Maples

This group of Mountain Maple trees were photographed September 9, 2021. The Maples in the Snake River canyon are not quite ready, but these photos taken along the Palisades Reservoir were farther along.

Mountain Maples

Mountain Maples: The aspens in the same region are still green. Still…it’s time to head down the canyon!

Mountain Maples

Mountain Maples:

As of September 11, 2021 a few friends are telling me Oxbow Bend is “just” beginning to change, but is far from peak. When I drove south to get to the Mountain Maples, I observed that most of the Aspens and Cottonwoods along the roadway towards Hoback Junction have not been changing much.

With gasoline hovering around $4 per gallon this year, I haven’t been driving north that often. If you are so inclined, you are welcome to donate to this site to help me afford the extra gas costs this year. Click the link in the navigation bar if on a computer, or at the very bottom of the page if you are using a phone or pad. Thanks to all that have already donated a few $!

Black Bear

Moose-Wilson Road Comments:

Normally, we see Black Bears along the Moose-Wilson Road, and they look even better as the leaves on the Black Hawthorn bushes turn from green to orange. Over the past few years, and worse again this year, the Park Service has all but closed the road to photography. There is only a .5 mile section of the roadway in the prime bear zone open to roadside parking, and with the berry crop thin in that area, about the only photos you will get there will be “drive by shooting”. The photo above was taken out the window as I was lucky to be “forced” to be stopped by the Wildlife Volunteer. When the line of traffic cleared, I had to stop shooting and move on.  You can still park at the Sawmill Pond overlook and have a chance to see a bear. If you go early enough, you should be able to get a parking spot at the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve and possibly see a bear in that area. The Preserve might also be a good place to photograph tight shots of leaves and berries.


Remember, this is the Initial Entry for the 2020 Foliage Reports. I will be adding more photos and updates fairly often throughout the foliage season.

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