Mormon Row: Historic Documentation

Overview Drawing

“The Mormon Row Historic District represents the determination of a group of Mormon families to build a community on the harsh, arid, high plains of Wyoming. Mormon emigrants from Idaho established this community, originally called Grovont, in 1896. In 1950, the expansion of Grand Teton National Park encompassed Grovont, ultimately leading to its abandonment. The oldest surviving buildings date to 1908.”

I spent quite a bit of time milling around on the Library of Congress site, searching for photos, maps, and drawings of the Mormon Row district. As it turns out, there’s a lot of information! Typically, blog articles are lean on photos and heavy on text. This page will be just the opposite! I took the liberty to crop some of the images to help some with download time, but made the executive decision to fill this page with as much information as I could.  Click the overview drawing above to be able to see it much larger.

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Call For Submissions 2018

The Teton Photography Group (TPG) is excited to announce it will hold a photography contest for its members for exhibition at the Teton County Library’s Gallery. The goal is to give exposure to members of the TPG and showcase the talent of our members.
The exhibit will hang in the gallery area of the Teton County Library from March 1-April 30. Images will hang for one month each to allow the maximum number of members to be showcased.

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