Old West Days Parade 2017: Kids, Horses, Dogs and Magic Memories

The Old West Days Parade may not resemble parades in most cities. Horses make up a large portion of the entries. Why not? There are lots of them in the valley being used for trail rides, rodeos, dude ranches, back country outfitters, covered wagon cookouts, search and rescue—and of course as pets. I went to the Old West Days Parade again this morning and came home with the normal amount of images. This page contains just a small cross section of the captures!

Photographer and Tiny Model

Kids are a major attraction at a parade. Only a few of them are actually in the parade, but there are always a lot of them hugging the road and occasionally holding still long enough for a photo.

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Newborn Moose!

Baby Moose

Newborns are exciting harbingers of the Spring and Summer seasons.  I’ve seen a few baby Canada Geese, a few baby Bison, and I’ve heard of several Fox dens with Kits making their first appearances. Soon, we might be seeing baby Owls, Eagles, Deer, and Elk.

Click HERE to watch my wife’s video on Facebook:

Today, my wife called me to let me know of a Moose giving birth to a single calf. When she called, the calf was still slimy and the cow was in the process of cleaning it. By the time I arrived, the Mother Moose had cleaned the beautiful little calf. The proud Mother looked exhausted. The calf was trying to stand up but would fall over when she licked it. The photo above was the calf’s first attempts to nurse.

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One Day in May: Back Yard Birding

This page consists of images I captured in one day…May 15th, 2017.

Western Tanager

This morning, I went out my back door to see my first Western Tanager of the year. I grabbed my Nikon D500 and Nikon 200-500mm lens and set up in my makeshift blind. I had a steady flow of colorful birds passing through my back yard in Jackson Hole. The photos on this page were selected from over 2500 images I captured today!

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Flat Creek Wetlands: My St. Vrain

Jackson’s Year Round, But Often Overlooked Asset!

Flat Creek Wetlands sits on the north edge of the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Area Visitor’s Center. It couldn’t be more convenient for any Jackson Hole visitor or resident, yet most people drive right by it! Yep, I get it! People are lured to Grand Teton National Park with hopes of seeing a Grizzly, Moose, bugling Elk, Wolf or Bison (short list).

Flat Creek Wetlands is my “St. Vrain”. I’ll explain that near the end of the page!

Flat Creek Westlands

Spring is usually a very active time at Flat Creek Wetlands, but actually it seems that something is going on there all year. While I take photos at Flat Creek Wetlands year round, photos on this page were all taken on May 2nd, 2017. To be more specific, I spent roughly an hour in the morning and another hour in the mid-afternoon. I came home with a couple thousand photos! You might call it a “target rich” environment, yet I was the only person there taking photos! In the photo above, I captured several Canada Geese, a pair of Trumpeter Swans and a group of Yellow-headed Blackbirds.

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