Essential Gear for the Arizona Trail

Northern Arizona Cinder Cones

Now that I’ve finally finished adding photos from the Arizona Trail to my website, I can now focus on other tasks. One such task is this blog post, a list of gear that I found invaluable and/or highly useful on the trail. Note that some links may be affiliate links, but I was not approached by any company to write anything below. They are my honest opinions about the gear that got me through the trail. Continue reading “Essential Gear for the Arizona Trail”

Twelve Favorite Photos from 2016


Ambient Sunrise Light on Tetons

Deep in winter’s freeze in January, I headed out at first light to hike one of Grand Teton National Park’s most popular summer trails, Taggart Lake. In the dead of winter, however, only a few locals and brave tourists explore beyond the parking lot. Before sunrise, no one is there. I had the whole area to myself for the entire morning. And yet one of my favorite shots was from when I barely even started snowshoeing in. The iconic Teton Mountains rose up above a familiar scene, but in lighting I wasn’t used to seeing, roughly an hour before sunrise. It was the dawn glow reflecting on the mountains themselves, imprinting a wonderful January memory. Continue reading “Twelve Favorite Photos from 2016”

Our Public Lands

There is no question that my favorite spots for nature photography are in our abundant public lands.
I thought it would be worthwhile to take time and think for a few minutes about what our public lands are and why they are so important. Everyone knows that many parks are public lands – city parks, county parks, state parks, and, of course, national parks. America was the first country to create a national park – Yellowstone in 1872. The first national park was created to preserve the amazing beauty of the geo-thermal features, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, the other rivers and lakes, and the abundant and diverse wildlife. Yellowstone became a model for the world.

Yellowstone 2016-3-8601-EditYellowstone 2016-3-8601-Edit
Continue reading “Our Public Lands”