Selling nature photographs, or not

In my entire photographic life I have never considered the idea of making my photographs available for others. I photographed what I wanted and where I wanted and hid the old 35mm slides away in dozens of metal storage boxes and Kodak Carousels. The chore of dragging out a slide projector and setting up a screen made our guests fortunate that this was a rare occurrence.  My slides remained hidden away and lost even to my memory.

Digital photography changed a lot of things and made my images available to me on a laptop at any time. I could forward a photo with an email to selected family and friends and even send the shot to multiple people at one time. I started getting comments back and found that others sometimes enjoyed seeing the same sights as I did. When I became free to travel more, my photos became more diverse and more interesting and I finally started a travel photo website. It was cumbersome, time-consuming, and difficult to maintain so I abandoned the site. Later, when I started full-time traveling, I revived the site and decided that posting photos was almost as much fun as taking them. 

Full-time travel allowed me to visit places most people dream about and to stay in places of natural beauty as long as needed to capture lasting images of the experience. I invested in camera gear, lenses, and processing software that most hobbyists cannot and the quality equipment improved the quality of the images. They were more interesting to view.

Then Natural Photography happened. Now I have a site that is easy to navigate and more pleasing to view.  Friends have asked for copies of photos and freely given their comments. Now many photos from the 20,000 plus that were taken over the last couple of years are posted and available for viewing, digital down-loading, and printing in many formats. Any image on the site is available as a print of your favorite size, matted and framed in a selection of custom frames, or printed on canvas or a ready to hang 'stand-out' foam-backed print. As novelties, images are available on mugs and cups, key chains, magnets, mouse pads, buttons, coasters, and bookmarks.

I hope you will view the galleries and find images that relate to you, your travels, and your most personal experiences and will consider down-loading the images or purchasing prints or novelties. Thanks for visiting the Natural Photography blog.

New Zenfolio Web Site

Almost 2 years ago we launched a travel website with a blog, news section, travel log, and photo galleries. The comments have been wonderful but we realize that the Google-hosted site was limited in function and was not an appropriate place for a professional photography site.  Zenfolio is one of the preferred professional photography hosting sites and has many features that improve the photo viewing experience and allow purchasing of electronic images, photographic prints, and other items.

Zenfolio has many, many features that we hope to develop over the next several months. The basic elements are in place now to allow you to view and comment on photographs and purchase prints, if you choose.  Our goal is to expand the photo content greatly over the next several weeks and add new images frequently in the future.

The goal of the site remains the same – to share images of our natural environment and to view nature – close up. We hope you will enjoy the photos and will bookmark the site in your favorites so to return often. Please offer comments and suggestions as to how we can improve the site and provide more images that you would like to see.

Thanks for visiting!