Photography Links

The Photography Links page will contain links to online resources for photographers. The links will be reviewed by the Teton Photography Group Executive Committee and chosen for their value in the art and technical aspects of photography, image editing, and printing. We will categorize the links for rapid identification and provide annotation when possible.

Discussion Forums is the granddaddy of photography discussion forums. Whatever your photographic challenge might be, it’s probably been answered on this site. The Canon EOS, Nikon, wedding, the business of photography, and even a large format groups discuss everything related to their topic.


Bryan Peterson School of Photography: Bryan Peterson has a number of great books for the beginning photographers and they are a great place to start. This website has many classes (some costly, some free) that help photographers at every level.

Lots of free photo tips and tutorial that come with the newsletter. The information and website is extensive. One user reported visiting dozens of times for two years and had only scratched on the surface. This has lots of information for the beginner but also for every other level of photographic skill.

Gear & Reviews

Adorama is reputable online camera gear seller that is reliable and pretty easy to work with. They have reviews, products, and things other websites don’t have.

B&H Photo: This is one of the biggest camera stores in the world. Their website has excellent reviews, product information, and insight into the latest photographic gear. They have educational videos and lengthy articles. If you have a question about a product, call them. Their staff is incredibly knowledgable.

Digital Photography Review is one of the major equipment review sites online. They have extensive articles and discussions about countless photography products.

Nikonians is a site dedicated to Nikon cameras. The discussion forums are excellent. If you have a question about Nikon, this site has your answer.

Outdoor Photography: Many online resources are free but others entice you with free stuff while relying on getting the reader involved with resources that can be very inexpensive or costly. I have enjoyed the Outdoor Photography magazine I receive every month and now are connected with the online site as well. There are many resources on the site and I am finding the ones that are reasonably priced to be worth their cost.

This blog primarily shares information about photography gear, places to go, and how to photography primarily landscape and wildlife. A subscription is free and they have a weekly newsletter.

Software & Processing

Adobe Photoshop Forum

The Adobe Photoshop discussion forum is an excellent place to find answers to your Photoshop questions.


David Hobby’s Strobist is arguably the best site to learn how to use off-camera strobe. If you start off with the Lighting 101 Introduction and follow that program, you will have a greater understanding of lighting techniques. All of the lessons are free.



The Teton Photography Group supports several local and regional organizations that foster the art and science of photography and support the greater Teton environment that brought us to this beautiful region.

One most important group is our strategic partner, the Art Association of Jackson Hole.

The Teton Photography Group is listed in the Apogee Photo registry of American Photography Clubs.

Apogee Photo Magazine

Teton Photography Group members may post images on our Flickr page.