TPG – summer field shoot

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Date(s) - 07/15/2017
12:00 am


TPG July 2017 Summer Field Shoot

It’s photography time for the Teton Photography Group! This month’s field shoot on July 15 will be in Grand Teton National Park. Join Teton Photography Group Executive Committee member, Aaron Linsdau, on the July 2017 summer field shoot.

Location and History

We’re heading to the historic J.P. Cunningham Cabin to photograph the area, cabin, landscape, and of course the mountains at sunrise. The cabin is famous for a gunfight in 1893.

Photography at the Cunningham Cabin

The sun’s azimuth will be 58ºE. The mountains may be pink about 15 minutes before. No guarantees on that one! The moon will be high in the sky at 42º and will be in the southeast sky at 158ºSE. Unless you have super photographic skill or a fisheye lens, you will be challenged to get the Tetons, cabin, and moon in a single shot. 

Meeting Time and Location

Sun angle at Cunningham Cabin July 15, 2017.

Sunrise at the cabin on July 15 is at 5:55am. You’ll need to be at the cabin at 5:15am to be ready for whatever the sun and weather might bring. Once you arrive at this time, you’ll have a few minutes to set up, as the light on the Tetons won’t be far behind!

The walk to the cabin is flat and just about level. Unless there’s rain on Friday July 14, the ground should be dry. Do bring boots and pants, as the grasses can be dew-covered and there may be ticks lurking around. There’s adequate parking at the cabin, so the group will plan to meet at the cabin’s parking lot. There is a sign on the highway indicating the turnoff to the cabin. You will turn left/west (toward the Tetons) when driving from the town of Jackson. There’s a short dirt road leading to a parking area.

Google map to Cunningham Cabin

Google Maps shows a travel time of thirty-two minutes from downtown Jackson to Cunningham Cabin. You’ll need to leave the square at 4:35am to make it in time to catch the first light on the mountains.


July 15, 2017, forecast

The forecast shows 53ºF and clear skies with little to no breeze. Please note these are the Rockies, so be prepared with warm clothes. That temperature with a humidity of 48% should be fairly comfortable, but things can feel damp from the plants in the area. Be ready for whatever the weather might bring.

Please note these are the Rockies, so be prepared with warm clothes.

After Party

After we’re done photographing at the cabin, the group will travel to Dornan’s at Moose to eat a breakfast and discuss our photographic venture. They have pancakes, eggs, bacon, coffee, etc. available. This is a great chance to sit, chat, and talk photography.

Photo Shoot Critique

On Monday July 17, 2017, we’ll meet at Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates to discuss our photos. Bring 2-3 images on a USB thumb drive to share with the group. You can bring a RAW, JPG, processed, or unprocessed photo to share.

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