Class – Supplemental Lighting

March 15, 2018 - 18:00


Want to make your images have more impact? Do you want to control what they look like rather than getting whatever nature gives you? Then you need to learn how to add supplemental lighting to your images.

Do you know to use your built-in flash on your camera? Have you ever thought about buying a flash but weren’t sure where to start? Then this class is for you. We’ll spend time talking about flashes, what they can do for you, and how to use them.

We’ll also share how to use inexpensive lighting tricks so you can up your game. Photographic equipment can be expensive and intimidating, but this call will teach you how to use what you have to make more striking images.

If you’re a macro shooter, then this is definitely for you. Macro is difficult if not impossible without supplemental lighting, so this will definitely boost your quality.


This TPGed night class will focus on using your camera and creating light of your own. You should bring in your SLR, mirrorless, or other camera that has the ability to fire a flash. This is either from a pop-up flash or a hotshoe.

This is a hands-on workshop and you will need to bring your camera and preferably a laptop computer with Lightroom installed and working. There is no Wifi to download any software, so please be completely contained.

The instructor will provide light modifiers, flashes, and the like so you can learn on your own equipment.

The prerequisites for this workshop are knowing how to put your camera into manual mode, how to turn on the flash and control it from the menu, and a basic working knowledge of Lightroom.

Fee: $20 pre-paid fee



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