Why Have I Been Posting So Many Hikes?

Mount Moran and Jackson Lake

Many people who have been following this blog may have noticed a sharp uptick in the amount of hikes that I’ve been logging and posting. Prior to 2015, I had a handful of hikes posted from some treasured favorites, but as of this past summer, it became a full-on blitz of new trails and explorations. So what prompted all these new postings? It all boils down to what’s become a ridiculously overused and oversaturated cliché of a quote by John Muir: “The mountains are calling and I must go.” I’ve actually seen it so much now that I can’t stand the sight of it. Yet the message behind it (which is completely lost on many people who display it) recently began to resonate in me much stronger in recent months than in previous years. Continue reading “Why Have I Been Posting So Many Hikes?”

Moving Forward

On my last post I talked about our trip to Coeur D’Alene and some of the problems I faced due to not thinking ahead (not bring all my lenses) and getting lazy (with my graduated neutral density filter.) So I learned a lesson that you would expect me not to repeat. Ah-ha, you’re thinking I’m going to make the same mistake again. So let’s see what I learned. Continue reading "Moving Forward"