Snake River Overlook Winter Stars and Sunrise :

A Sequence of Photos on a Cold February Morning

SRO StarsToday, on my 64th birthday, I jumped up at 3:30 am. I looked out my windows to see stars and clear skies. A Winter storm and cloudy skies are on the horizon. The executive decision had to be made. I headed North to Snake River Overlook. I began shooting at 4:50 am under clear skies and abundant stars. Temperatures ranged from 0°F to -2°F, made a bit colder feeling by the light breeze.For the night shots, I used my Nikon D5 with ISO settings ranging from 2500 to 6000 using a Nikon 24-70 lens. Midway through the “blue light” period, I switched over to a Nikon D850 body. Continue reading "Snake River Overlook Winter Stars and Sunrise :"

4-H Fishing Club – Jackson Hole Style!

Winter fishing in Jackson Hole often means taking up ice fishing. On a beautiful Sunday in late January, the Teton County 4-H Fishing Club gathered at the Snake River Sporting Club for a grand day of fishing.Will Harper and Joe BurkeWill Harper and Joe BurkeIt’s been a few days now, and I am sure there are already stories of the young fishermen and fisherwomen having trouble getting the huge fish through the hole—continuing the long tradition of “fishing tales”. If you are a fisherman, you are genetically programmed to stretch the truth—20%-30% is the expected norm. River guides will yell to their clients they just caught a 20 incher, knowing the trout was closer to 16″. Clients grin and go along with it and the guides get a bigger tip. Like I said, it’s a tradition!4H Fishing Club Michael and WillMichael Rhodes and Will Hobbs (Snake River Sporting Club-Director of Outdoor Pursuits)Continue reading "4-H Fishing Club – Jackson Hole Style!"

Government Shutdown 2018 :

Grand Teton National Park, National Elk Refuge, & Jackson Hole Information.

Government Shutdown – Déjà vuThe last Government Shutdown occurred on October 1st, 2013 and lasted 16 days. Timing was terrible! It happened to be during peak foliage season so the park was very busy. Most federal agencies seemed unprepared for any sort of shutdown. It took them a couple of days to “close the park”, put up barricades, and inform the public of the details of the closures. The National Park Service and National Elk Refuge were more prepared for the current 2018 shutdown—each with contingency plans.Fortunately, this Shutdown occurs during a much slower time of the year and less people are affected. Continue reading "Government Shutdown 2018 :"