Call For Submissions 2018

The Teton Photography Group (TPG) is excited to announce it will hold a photography contest for its members for exhibition at the Teton County Library’s Gallery. The goal is to give exposure to members of the TPG and showcase the talent of our members.
The exhibit will hang in the gallery area of the Teton County Library from March 1-April 30. Images will hang for one month each to allow the maximum number of members to be showcased.

Please limit your photos to any of these 5 categories.  Wildlife, Landscape, Black and White, Abstract, and Jackson Hole Life. (NO NUDES). Maximum four (4) submissions total, across all categories.
All entries are digital upload. Website address to submit:
The deadline for entry is December 22. Winners will be notified by mid-January.
Submission Guidelines
Please read the Submission Rules very carefully before you submit.
STEP 1: File Preparation
Each image must be a jpg file format, 72ppi, 1000 pixels on long side
(If you don’t know how to size your file, please visit the TPG Facebook page at and make a post for assistance)
File name for each image must follow this imagetitle_firstname_lastname_month_day
For example, if your image name is Elk Grazing, and your name is Mary Johnson and you uploaded on March 15, your filename would be elkgrazing_mary_johnson_3_15.jpg
STEP 2: Upload files
From a laptop or desktop computer (not mobile device) go to This is the page you will see. <Outlook-Inline ima.png>
You will see “If you are submitting an image for consideration in the Gallery”. Click the button below that line.
The next screen will look like this. <Outlook-Inline ima.png>
First, enter your e­mail address where shown, then click Choose File to find the image you want to submit. The click Upload Image. You will be taken to a screen that shows a preview of your image. IT MAY BE SLIGHTLY DISTORTED. This OK, your image is fine. You will be given
an option to upload another image. If you have only one, you may Quit your browser and go to step 3.
STEP 3: Confirm your upload
From the e­mail address you entered during the upload, send an email to with the subject line: X images Where X is the number of images you uploaded. So if you uploaded 2 images, your subject line would be: 2 images. Don’t write anything in the body of the email unless you have had trouble. If you have trouble you may use that e­mail address to seek assistance.
That’s it, you are done!
Once submissions are closed, the Jury will select the images for both March and April, however any selected image will only be on display for 1 month.
If your print is selected you must follow these guidelines:
  • If you are a local and your image is selected the fee is $10 per image selected and you must drop off and pick up your prints. 

  • If you are an out of town member and your image is selected the fee is $35 + $10 for each additional image selected, which includes returned shipment of your image.

  • All fees are payable at squareup: