Foliage Reports September/October 2016 :

Jackson Hole & Grand Teton National Park

Choke CherriesDuring September, I’ll work on two pages simultaneously. This September Foliage 2016 post will contain more specific information about the ever changing foliage status in the area. The September 2016 Daily Journal of Photos & Comments for Grand Teton National Park & JH Page will contain some foliage information, but will focus more on wildlife and landscapes. You’ll want to go to both regularly. Continue reading “Foliage Reports September/October 2016 :”

Days of Rose, Amber, and Gold

— Find a Subject and Capitalize on the Rich Morning Colors!

Wildfires are a late summer reality across the West. It seems there is at least one wildfire pumping smoke and ash into Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. Sometimes there are half a dozen! A light morning wind can sweep the smoke out of the valley, but when we are surrounded by fires, our chances of a clear morning drop to almost none.

Sunrise and Sleeping Indian

Still…smokey mornings offer possibilities!  You can complain, which does no good, or go out and take advantage of the opportunities. Filtered, altered light is often beautiful and captivating. On this particular morning, early sun light had to pass through this intertwined layer of smoke and haze. Continue reading “Days of Rose, Amber, and Gold”

Mary’s Nipple and Peak 9943

Mary's Nipple and Fred's Mountain

Elevation Profile for Mary's Nipple

Elevation profile for Mary’s Nipple
Elevation and route courtesy of Route Scout

Mary’s Nipple and Peak 9943 are perfect if you’ve ever wanted to climb a peak in the Tetons, but didn’t want to go more than a few miles. The top of the Dreamcatcher Lift at Grand Targhee provides access to a trail that brings you to Mary’s Saddle, where you have the option to climb both peaks from there. The trailhead can be accessed by either taking the Dreamcatcher Lift up, or by hiking up the Bannock Trail. Continue reading “Mary’s Nipple and Peak 9943”

Upper Escalante River Alcove

Hiker in Sandstone Alcove

Elevation Profile for the Escalante River Alcove

Elevation profile for the Escalante River Alcove
Elevation and route courtesy of Route Scout

Distance: 3 miles (one way)
Difficulty: Easy
Best time of year: Fall, Spring

The Upper Escalante River Alcove is a great alternative to the increasingly popular Hole-in-the-Rock Road. The out-of-the-way trail brings you into a landscape like something right out of Zion National Park. You follow a healthy desert river through an enormous sandstone canyon with massive golden cliffs. Though you could theoretically follow the Escalante River for dozens of miles all the way down to the destructive waters of Lake Powell, a great half-day hike brings you down the wild river to a giant eroded alcove, larger than a mansion, complete with ancient art that’s unfortunately been damaged by simpler minded people. Regardless, it’s still well worth the trip. Continue reading “Upper Escalante River Alcove”

Bannock Trail

Bannock Trail on Rocky Ridgeline

Elevation Profile for the Bannock Trail

Elevation profile for the Bannock Trail
Elevation and route courtesy of Route Scout

Distance: 3 miles (one way)
Difficulty: Strenuous
Best time of year: Spring, Summer, Fall

The Bannock Trail is a great way to experience all the dramatic elevation change that Grand Targhee has to offer. The trail brings you through stunning aspen groves and up to rocky ledges that overlook massive canyons and basins in the Teton Mountains. Continue reading “Bannock Trail”

Spooky Slot Canyon

Slot Canyon Abstract

Elevation Profile for Spooky Slot Canyon

Elevation profile for Spooky Slot Canyon
Elevation and route courtesy of Route Scout

Distance: 1.2 miles (one way – to Spooky)
Difficulty: Easy, but tight spaces and some scrambling
Best time of year: Fall, Winter, Spring

There’s a great loop that connects Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon to Spooky Slot Canyon, which was my original plan for a hike. As it turns out, ascending into Peek-A-Boo Slot can be very tricky and downright dangerous. It was a little too much for me while solo, and even too much for another couple that caught up to me in Spooky. This helped to reinforce my decision to only venture into Spooky. Even Spooky Slot had a part that made me feel a little uneasy alone, so hopefully I can come back one day and do this loop properly with the help of a hiking partner. In the meantime though, I did get a bit into Spooky Slot Canyon, and it was a pretty amazing trip through many very tight squeezes. Continue reading “Spooky Slot Canyon”

August 2016 Daily Journal of Photos & Comments for Grand Teton National Park & JH

“August: Dramatic thunderstorms, warm days, and changes brewing.” 

August 31, 2016 > Wednesday

At midnight tonight, 2016 will be 2/3 over! Locally, merchants will consider “summer over” by Monday evening of Labor Day. Many activities, like the JH Shootout, JH Rodeo, and Farmer’s Markets will end for the year. Fall activities will replace them!

Tomorrow, I will post a new September Daily Journal. I just published this initial post: Foliage Reports September/October 2016: You will probably want to check in on both regularly, as they will contain slightly different info and photos.

Golden Eye Flap

Continue reading “August 2016 Daily Journal of Photos & Comments for Grand Teton National Park & JH”